Chronicle 1: Mona Lisa

Poor Mona. The Queen of enigma has no idea how relevant her puzzling expression is, to this day.

Is she happy? Or is she pissed off about having to be sat in the same position for hours whilst some dude called Leo toyed around with some oil paints to create an artistic masterpiece? For all we know, she could be overjoyed about being the centre of attention. Or her hamster may have died that very morning. Who knows.

Because here stands one of CBF’s oldest known victims.


An uncatchable smile, the beginnings of a smirk or the way her face is when neutrally engaged. Chronic Bitch Face had the poor lass hard. Mona Lisa couldn’t contour, take a selfie instead or put a filter on her face. She just had to deal with it.

Just because we can’t tell what she’s really feeling during her downtime of having her portrait taken, it’s made her smile a world-wide phenomenon. And that right there shows the true power of CBF.



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